I love to read. And because of my eighth grade Honors English teacher, I also love to write. This teacher influenced all of my subsequent educational and professional pursuits—she taught me how to turn my thoughts into words.

Besides reading and writing, I also love to run. Running often influences my writing, because as I run my thoughts become clearer, and later the writing almost flows. There’s something about pounding the pavement that makes it easier to pound on the keyboard.

Because of my love of running, I became a Certified Personal Trainer so I could help others reach their fitness and nutrition goals. I truly have a dream, multi-faceted job, which both challenges me and fills me with gratitude every single day:

  • I’m a freelance writer, and I welcome any opportunity to write about fitness, nutrition, education, motivation/goal setting, and literature, as well as the challenge to research, learn, and write about other topics.
  • I’m a freelance editor and proofreader, and I’ve worked on anything from short articles to books to entire websites. A “fresh” set of eyes is a crucial part of the content development process to ensure the content is clear, concise, error-free, and understandable. I love to be that “fresh” set of eyes and meticulously analyze content to make sure those first impressions—of both my clients and their potential customers—are as powerful as possible.
  • I’m a customer service representative for an incredible team of fitness professionals which allows me to use my knowledge of health and fitness to help many, many people achieve their goals.

Personally, my life is amazingly blessed by the best husband ever, six awesome kids (four I birthed, two I got the easy way—when they married two of my kids), a new grandson who has totally stolen my heart, two little Chihuahua girls, and my relationship with God. Life is awesome!

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