I had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning (and other mornings recently, truth be told) when my alarm went off at 6. Sooooo hard. I stayed up a bit too late trying to get some things done (and John’s out of town, so it’s doubly hard to go to bed on time), and then I was wide awake. Like…totally wide awake.

But I knew it would be even harder—and way more stressful—to stay in bed and then not get everything done I needed to get done today. So I finally forced myself out of bed at 6:10 (there was quite the argument going on in my head for those 10 minutes), even though I still 150% did not want to get up, and I 150% did not want to go to the gym an hour later.

As I was doing my workout, I was thinking about this saying:

Choose. Your. Hard.

Life is full of hard choices. Some need to be made today, and if those hard choices aren’t made today, the consequences can be much harder later on. Choose hard now, or live with harder later. It’s a choice.

In addition to working out, here are some hard choices I deal with daily, and I think most of us deal with these hard choices every day:

  • It’s hard to stick to my healthy eating plan some days because I want to eat all of the chocolate. Or Oreos. Or ice cream. Or brownies with chocolate chips (because why would you not add chocolate chips?)
  • It’s hard to go to bed at a decent time so I can get up at 6 am to get some work done before working out. Especially when John’s out of town.
  • It’s sometimes hard to do all of the other things I know I need to do and should do.
  • It’s hard to start a project that’s a bit daunting even though I know very well that simply starting is the key to eventually finishing.

But I do know these things to be true:

  • It will be hard to do the active things I want to do later if I don’t choose the hard things now.
  • It will be hard to chase my grand kids around later if I don’t choose the hard things now.
  • It will be hard to do all of the traveling we want to do later in life if I don’t choose the hard things now.
  • It will be hard to be healthy later if I don’t choose the hard things now.
  • Life will be way more stressful if I don’t choose to do the hard things now.

And here’s another thing: If I don’t Choose. My. Hard. now, I won’t have as much control over making the hard things easier later on.


  • I can choose to go to the gym 3 days a week and work my muscles, and yes, it’s hard. But I am so grateful I have a healthy body so I CAN work out.
  • I can choose to do cardio 2 days a week, and yes, it’s also hard. Once again, I’m so grateful for a healthy body that CAN do cardio.
  • I can choose to eat healthy now so I can have a healthy body now and years down the road. And yes, I do eat healthy most of the time—I follow the 80/20 rule: 80% healthy, 20% not-as-healthy. #balance But that chocolate and other treats I love… #itshard But I’m so thankful for all of the healthy food choices I do have.
  • I can choose to get more sleep so that my body is healthier and my mind is able to do the things I need it to do now. This is a super hard one for this night owl, but I’m working on it.
  • I can choose to do one thing on a project, which very often leads to the next thing, and then the next, until before I know it, it’s done! #startingisthehardestpart

And anything I choose to do that’s hard—even if it’s a tiny, simple thing—is way better than doing nothing.

Choose. Your. Hard.