I often hear the invitation: “Do something that scares you today!” It is so easy to stay in my comfort zone—my routine—where it feels safe and, well, comfortable. And it can be so hard to even begin something new that I really want to do, but I’m totally afraid to take that first step. Thoughts of failure, difficulty, the need to be perfect, and so on can be very debilitating, and these same thoughts can also halt any personal growth, and they are a definite roadblock to achieving a goal.

So…I did something that scares me today. In honor of my 4 year anniversary working with the Powells and Team Powell, I ordered my ACE Personal Trainer certification study materials. I am a CPT through a college in AZ, and I was an ACE CPT several years ago, and I even had my own personal training business for a few years. But my hubby got a promotion at work which meant he would be traveling quite a bit, we had 4 busy kids at home, a very busy church life, a very busy life in general, and…I knew something had to go, even though I loved working with my clients. So I decided to close my business. And keeping my certification current would’ve required keeping liability insurance, continuing education, and other expenses that really added up versus ZERO income, and at that season of our lives, it just didn’t make sense.

So I let my certification expire.

And even today, I still know this was the right decision for our family. But for a couple of months now, I’ve been feeling that I need to get re-certified, which is scary, because that certification exam was—by far—the hardest exam I’ve ever taken in. my. life. And I’ve taken a LOT of exams. I know I already passed the exam once, but…

What if I don’t pass?

What if I can’t remember some of that stuff that has become a bit rusty in my brain?

How will I find time to study?

I do use a lot of my knowledge in my job every single day, but what if…?

And it’s not like I’m not busy now—I am (hence, the reason for no blog posts for a few months)—but in the best ways possible. So the thought of adding studying into an already busy life + hoping these 50-year-old brain cells can still retain information has been a bit scary.

My first little nudge happened when I was in Florida a month ago helping Chris and Heidi with a Coaches Workshop, and Heidi, my new friend Bliss (who was attending the workshop), and I were talking at lunch about goals we had and how scary it is to even start on those goals sometimes. My second nudge was when I found out that the most expensive (and most awesome) CPT study program is on sale for the same price as the basic study program. I guess that was the final nudge I needed, and I knew it was time.

So even though it was a bit (a lot, actually) scary, I hit that “Purchase” button anyway, and I’m trying to have faith in these promptings I’ve been feeling. Because I’ve learned that while I don’t always understand the “why” behind them, He does, and His plans for me have always been awesome!

So wish me luck…here I go!!!